The Friends were established in 2005, as a charitable association whose purpose is to
support and assist the Priaulx Library and its work.

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My apologies for the poor quality of this month’s fade-in video. Trying to get the tide, a reasonable day, a minimum number of vehicles parked in the way and me being in town to coincide proved difficult so, I’m afraid, you’ll have to make do with a great photo of the White Rock from around 1895 and an up-to-date one taken into the sun.

I can’t help feeling that the White Rock was a far more peaceful and welcoming place in those days. Although, I doubt that the White Rock Cafe was in existence then, which would be the downside.

Thanks to The Priaulx Library for the original photo.


My apologies -not a good modern photo

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The Priaulx Library website is full of fascinating information about the contents of the building and the services its staff provides.  Well worth a visit and you can do it online too.  Just click on the following link and get transported to a world of old photographs, newspapers and amazing books.