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Tower Hill; 1950 to 2021

The view down Tower Hill steps in the 1950’s was vastly different to the view down these steps now.

In those days I.C. Fuzzey’s store stood to the right of the original Tudor House (some of us still have a drinks cabinet, that had been sold by them), and behind could be seen the old La Brasserie, once home to a branch of the Carey family.

Sadly, both buildings, along with Tudor House, were demolished in 1968, to make way for the concrete edifice which was then named Tudor House. This new building was of course subsequently demolished itself in the early 2000’s, and its passing was ‘unlamented’ in Carol Tom’s words.

Not sure what he would have made of its current replacement? Probably the same reaction as most of us; “Bring back the 1950’s buildings”.

Once again, our grateful thanks to Rob Grant for the photographs.

Tower Hill; 1950 to 20211

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