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New format. The FoPL have recently started a YouTube channel where all the fade in/out videos will eventually be saved to. The videos on this website and on our Facebook page will still be there but as a link. This has been done because YouTue is designed for videos and it is easier to upload to, easier to search for and will allow for a library of videos.

The Sisters’ Cemetery (c1822) turns into the Terrace Cafe

This months fade-in / fade-out is of The Sisters’ Cemetery from The Red Light Berth

The Sister’s cemetery was in such a parlous state in the late 1800s that there was, eventually a public outcry and the cemetery was levelled and subsequently became The Terrace Cafe, a popular restaurant and outside eatery, far removed from its gloomy past, and with superb views across the harbour, but the granite cross still stands as a reminder to those who once inhabited this spot.

For a fuller story to the background of The Sister’s Cemetery, you will need to look at the article by Rob Grant in the 2018 October issue of the FoPL newsletter – it makes fascinating reading.

Enjoy the video and many thanks to Priaulx Library for the original picture.


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