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Our thanks to Rob Grant for sourcing these pictures.

The old black & white photograph was taken some time between 1863, when the Albert Memorial was erected, and 1878, when the tram lines were laid outside what the became the Guard-House Station. It was also long before Loafer’s Wall was built, leading up to Cornet street.

In the background can be seen the houses which were demolished in the mid 1870’s to make way for the lower vegetable market, while the buildings on the right of the photograph, which stood in front of the Town Church, were demolished in 1914 when lower Fountain street was widened.

The colour photograph, taken in 2020, shows a markedly different view to the right of the Picquet House, where now the Town Church is very clearly visible, as is Loafer’s Wall, built in 1914. One mode of public transport, the bus, now replaces the horse and cart, and if you stood around in the road now you would soon come to grief.

157 years of ‘progress’

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