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The Sister’s Cemetery and theThe Quay, from the 1820s, fades into the current view.  Loafers Wall is ‘new’, as is the Terrace Cafe.  Fountain St. has been created but the Picquet House remains untouched.

“Cimitière des Soeurs (Sisters Cemetery)

It is perhaps not well known now, that a cemetery once stood above the Piquet House at the bottom of Cornet (Horn) street, the last resting place of many well-known Guernsey names, De Carterets, De Saumarez, Guerins, Naftels, Mansells and Dobrees amongst others, with 114 headstones and 43 Alter Tombstones marking the final resting places of those buried here with the last burial taking place in 1828.

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 The Friends were established in 2005, as a charitable association whose purpose is to
support and assist the Priaulx Library and its work.

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