The Friends & How to Join Us


The Role of the Friends

The Friends of the Priaulx fulfil a number of roles, both financial and practical:

a) Supporting the staff of the Priaulx Library by aiding in the practical conservation of books and documents and getting involved in scanning and digitization projects;

b) Helping to raise money for specific projects, such as the provision of pieces of equipment necessary for the preservation and wider dissemination of library materials, bigger and better digital scanners, book or newspaper binding, book repairs, and improvements to the Library’s facilities; and

c) Assisting in raising the profile of the Library through membership drives and other activities.

The Benefits of Being a Friend

Apart from the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to the preservation and maintenance of the Bailiwick’s history, Friends also have the following opportunities:

a) To join conducted tours of the Library with access to non-public parts;
b) To see rare works from the Library’s collections;
c) To meet other like-minded individuals;
d) To attend lectures, and join in fund-raising and social events;
e) As a volunteer for Library work / projects; and
f) To take part in a truly worthwhile project benefiting the Guernsey community both in the Island and abroad.

You will also receive regular Newsletters and information about upcoming Friends’ events.

Achievements of the Friends

Since the association’s formation members of the Friends have supported the Library by: arranging for the publication and sale of old prints of Guernsey, selling Christmas cards, financing the conservation of books, assisting with the digital scanning of newspapers, cataloguing and scanning the photograph collection, having provided funds to purchase a machine.

The Friends have also had tours of the Library’s wonderful collections, arranged lectures on genealogical research, book conservation and rebinding, and the treasures of the British Library, and have had a number of social events, including Christmas gatherings and a quiz night.

What can I do?

The first thing you can do is to join the Friends of the Priaulx Library. Your membership fee will contribute to the funds we have available to support Library projects. Any additional donation you might wish to make would be very gratefully received. You may wish to consider making a financial contribution to the Friends by way of Deed of Covenant – a tax efficient means of giving to charity.

Joining the Friends

Please email and we will send you the relevant form

To find out more about how your Business can help us, simply email The FoPL Committee

Categories of Membership

FREE     * Student (we class a STUDENT as being a Island resident who is under 25 years and is      in  a full or part time recognised educational programme)

£10     *Individual annual
£20.    * Family annual (two adults and the children of the family)
£200.  * Individual life membership
£250.  * Corporate annual (corporate or other business entity)

Current subscription rates are shown on the application form. Subscriptions are payable on joining the Friends, and annually on the 1st of January. National and international members pay the same as local ones.

Do you want to help more?

Once a member of The Friends you have an opportunity to help the Library directly in many more ways. We are always looking for extra support in the areas of fundraising, membership drives, sales projects or cataloguing of books, newspapers and photographs. We are always open to ideas and suggestions for any other way we can assist the Library.

If this is of interest to you simply click to go directly to our contact us page where you can fill in a simple form so we can contact you about helping out.

The Committee

The Committee of the Friends of the Priaulx Library consists of both Executive and General members. The current list is as follows:

David Falla – President

John Triggs – Vice President/Membership

Marie-Louise Webb – Secretary

Gill Morris – Treasurer

Alpha Wearing – Committee

Ian Hunter – Newsletter

John David – Committee

John Gollop – Committee

Jeremy Smithies – Committee

Sue Sweet – Committee